Sedici Fillipo Waterproof Gloves | Review

I knew I needed “winter” gloves after my ride down the coast in early December last year. Luckily, the California winter has been pretty mild this year, aside from the many rain storms, so I got used to riding in the 50 degree cold. And this is all thanks to my Sedici Fillipo Waterproof Gloves….

GoGoGear Kevlar Leggings | Review

Coming in at $149 and available in sizes 2 – 24, GoGoGear LA’s Kevlar leggings merges fashion and protection.

Dainese Motorshoe Air Boots | Review

As soon as I walked out of the D-Store in San Francisco, I rode these bad boys 2 and a half cold hours to Sacramento and thought, “I’ve made a $200 mistake.”