Pismo Beach | Ride With Me

Since my sister and her family own ATV’s and a trailer, I thought I’d tag along on this trip down to Pismo beach and test out my sissy bar set up for an upcoming moto-camping trip in July. The only thing I didn’t bring was a tent and a sleeping pad (since I was going to crash with my sister) but I learned how to properly secure my pack to the bar with some cam straps.

It’s about a ~250 mile ride south on Highway 101, so I left after work arrived at around 10pm – splitting traffic from San Jose to Monterey.


Since we were staying on the dunes, I had to either leave my bike parked down the street near the park entrance (~1 mile from me) OR somehow fit it in my sister’s trailer. Luckily for me, it fit inside!


My sister frequents the Glamis sand dunes, so they were as shocked as I was to see how steep the dunes were in Pismo. Every where you turned you were running the risk of jumping off a steep incline. I was nervous as hell since this was my first time on an ATV, but I had tons of fun. img_2420

I did get to ride my nephews quad, and my friend wasn’t kidding when he said to steer and not lean to turn. I’m definitely hooked and will probably join my family again in Glamis in October, where the dunes aren’t as scary.

Overall, this trip was a success, but the fun was to be had on Sunday where I decided to take the long way home.


I left Pismo at around 9am with my 70L backpacking pack strapped to my sissy bar.

I hit my first stop somewhere near Cambria, where I noticed the temperature start to get warm.

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

I dunked my helmet full of water and soaked my shirt, and I made my way back inland towards Pinnacles/Highway 25.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Somehow I ended up on a 1-way road through farmlands that led me to Highway 25. It was absolutely beautiful and felt awesome being the only one out on the road, but it was about 105 degrees at this point.


I kept stopping every 45 minutes or so to drench myself with water, and I was so luckily I had enough to reach Hollister. I definitely didn’t think this route through, so I had to take off my gloves and jacket for the rest of the ride back home. By the time I got home, it was still in the triple digits in San Jose.


Safe to say it’s time to retire my “winter” gloves until the end of the year and bust out my Alpinestars gloves for the summer.

Overall, another awesome 500+ mile weekend.



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