My Spring Season – Overview

Sorry for being MIA on here, but life hit me pretty hard this Spring. I got a new job, moved to a new part of the Bay Area, and lost 180lbs of dead weight (kidding, kind of), all while racking up another 3-4k miles on my motorcycle.

So now that I feel like the dust has settled, let’s recap a few of the trips I’ve taken these past few weeks.

Fresno, CA – May 13th, 2017

I originally made plans to ride to Sacramento that day, but Lupita insisted I accompany her to Fresno, CA for a local ride with a woman she met through the Lady Bikers of California. We started the day a little late due to Lupita riding down rom Santa Rosa to meet me in Menlo Park, so by the time we reached Fresno, ~150 miles later, the event was over. Both being young and full of energy, we continued to ride South to Leemore, CA to catch the RezMade Car Show.

We made it to the event at around 5pm and I had a gut feeling I wouldn’t want to ride all the way back home from Central California. So we did what any other rider would do, we continued riding South and towards the coast! The rolling yellow hills were so beautiful on that dusk ride to Paso Robles, especially since it felt like we were the only 2 people on the road.

Check out the video Lupita made of our trip!

To our surprise, the weather was especially windy on 101 heading back up north, so we took the back roads to find Highway 25 and headed up to Hollister.

Once in Hollister, we rode back towards the coast in search of crepes in Salinas/Monterey, and then took the back roads on Highway 152 through Gilroy to get into San Jose.

All in all, a fun, last-minute 500+ mile weekend trip.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 8.15.05 AM

Curve Unit’s Port Costa Ride – May 21, 2017

I’ve met a few of the Curve Unit women at Angry Scotsmen’s Beer Friday events and they seem like a rad group of women to ride with. Despite most of them being on sport bikes, they were very welcoming of women no matter what bike we had. And since I had just been on a ride up to Port Costa with some of the Iron & Resin guys the weekend before, I figured I’d head up that way again.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 8.28.05 AM

These ladies have everything planned for their group rides. They split us up into two groups, had leads and sweeps for both, and even had a truck follow to block traffic. Aside from a crazy twisty route, this ride was as stress free as you can get.

We ended up at The Warehouse in Port Costa for a few beers and live music. 

Check out the video Lupita made of this ride!

Redwood City Bike Night – May 18, 2017

Since this Cycle Gear is so close to my place, we decided to check out their bike night. This store isn’t on a very motorcycle friendly street, and there is no parking other than the street in front of the main entrance, so it was easy to guess why events aren’t typically held here.

Michelle and I were of course the only riders on Harley’s, but that didn’t stop us from showing up.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Since there was no ride planned and we were basically just standing around shooting the shit with the staff for about an hour, we decided to head over to one of my favorite restaurants in San Carlso, the Office, for a few beers.

Before the night ended, I took Michelle over to Canada Road to catch the sunset and take a few pictures.

Ladies Night Out Ride – May 27, 2017

This event was put together by the awesome Robyn (@robynstunts) and Traci (@mrs_icee600) who have a total of ~180k followers combined online. Safe to say, we could count on these girls to spread the word about our “Ladies Night Out” ride and sure enough, they did!

Meet up spot at the AMC Mercado in Sunnyvale
Michelle, myself, Sonia, and Lupita – whom I regularly ride with!
Captured by Michelle
Group picture at the end spot in Downtown San Jose

Stay tuned for a more detailed write up at the end of the month when they host another ride, this time taking the back roads to Santa Cruz for another Ladies Night Out ride/beach day.

Last but not least – Motorcycle Update!

I just hit 8k miles on my bike and I’m not planning on slowing down anytime soon, especially with the summer coming up and my longer commute to work.  I’m not planning on going to Dream Roll or Babes Ride Out this year, but I do have Sierra Stake Out and Kernville Camp Out on my calendar. Along with most of my 600+ mile weekend rides, I’m thinking I’m going to hit 12k miles by the end of the summer.

I did also recently accidentally drop my bike, but luckily my crash bar was there to save the day. I’ll be putting up a review on that soon since I have a pretty solid opinion on it now.

I haven’t been using my sissy bar, but that’s going to change soon with all my camping trips, so expect to see a review on that in the future.

I’ll try to remember to document my rides so I can post them up on here, but sometimes I forget (like my recent trips to Napa, Volcano, and Sacramento – oops). I’ve gotten too caught up in riding that I forget to stop and take pictures or remember what roads I take, especially since the person I’ve been riding with keeps the route a secret and we almost always end up getting lost or making a wrong turn. I’ll try to be better though!

For real time updates on most of my rides, and memes (ok mostly memes and me complaining) – check out my twitter @kimmarieherrera

For photos/videos of most of my rides – check out my Instagram @kimmarieherrera

See ya in the Summer!



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