LED Headlight | Modifications

Since I can’t afford a REAL Daymaker headlight, I purchased a knock off from Amazon for half the price. I purchased the same one that Blockhead Moto installed on his Iron, so I knew it would fit mine.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.41.52 PM

I bought the “Wisamic 5-3/4″ Round LED Projection Daymaker Headlight for Harley Davidson Motorcycles Black 9 pcs Bulb” from Amazon on Tuesday, 4/25, and it arrived via next day shipping on Wednesday, 4/26, for $61.

For reference, here is how much my headlight illuminates (got a little too eager and didn’t take a picture the night before the install):


The light does illuminate the night decently, but I have a tinted face shield that I sometimes forget to switch out for a clear one, so I could use more brightness. The yellow tint of the light is not my favorite, so I was excited to get a crisper blue/white light to illuminate signs and hazards better.


All you need is a screwdriver and maybe an extra pair of hands to hold the headlight in place. There was a separate thin metal ring that goes after the headlight and before the outer ring, but I couldn’t get it to fit so I left it out.

Here’s what it looks like after:

I’ve ridden with it at night with my dark smoke face shield and my clear face shield. With the stock headlight, I couldn’t see anything with my dark smoke shield at night and I needed to have it flipped up. Now, I can wear either at night and I have no problem seeing.

I’ll continue to update after a few thousands miles to note the longevity of the light. So far, no complaints!


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  1. lanie belluz says:

    I purchased the exact same headlight from Amazon for my wife’s Harley. Let me tell you – it was a BIOTCH to install – we almost had a divorce over it. We let our friend, Drewberry install it for us and even then it took all three of us. I wanted to purchase one for my Triumph but I am afraid, very afraid….

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