Russian River Valley | Ride With Me

For this weekend’s trip, I decided to head north to the Russian River Valley of Sonoma. I spent the early planning stages looking up Airbnb’s to rent near Occidental and Sebastopol for a homey vibe, but by the time I got the “ok” from Felipe to book the trip, everything was sold out. Luckily I found the Rio Nido Lodge, located just outside of Guerneville, CA.


We headed out at about 3pm, and took Highway 280 to 1, over the Golden Gate Bridge, towards Nicasio and stopped for a late lunch in Point Reyes. I couldn’t ask for more perfect spring weather, even near the coast!

From Point Reyes, we rode north on Highway 1, veered right towards Occidental and rode along the Russian River until we reached Rio Nido. Luckily we arrived before the sun set because we rode in some of the most twisty roads surrounded by huge redwoods.

To our luck, the bar & grill across the street from the hotel had a live band that started just as we arrived.


The next morning, we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel.


We headed out around 10am and decided to stop at all of the little towns we passed on our way up there.

First on the list: Guerneville.

We followed a sign towards the “beach” and we found ourselves looking at the Russian River itself. This place is definitely on our list for kayaking in the summer.

Next stop: Occidental.

I didn’t get any pictures of Downtown Occidental, but we did visit Hinterland Empire’s brick and mortar store, where we met the co-owner of the store that gave us an awesome route up the mountains and to the coast.


Coleman Valley Road led us back to Highway 1, where we cruised down to Point Reyes again.


Once in Point Reyes, we took a small break (to admire the other motorcycles on the road and use the restroom) and decided where we were going to eat lunch.

We decided to continue down the coast towards Stinson Beach.


The beaches were crazy packed since this weekend was especially warm, so after another short break we continued as much down the coast as we could before we were detoured up Mount Tamalpais. By the time we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and headed down PCH, we decided to stop for dinner in Half Moon Bay.


After a long day of twisty after twisty mountain roads surrounded by the coast and the redwoods, we caught the sunset near home:

All in all, we had another very fun ~300 mile weekend trip that should hold us off until the end of the month when we ride down to Los Angeles.




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