Sedici Fillipo Waterproof Gloves | Review

I knew I needed “winter” gloves after my ride down the coast in early December last year. Luckily, the California winter has been pretty mild this year, aside from the many rain storms, so I got used to riding in the 50 degree cold. And this is all thanks to my Sedici Fillipo Waterproof Gloves.


The problem I tend to have with shopping for gear is that I want to touch and see everything before I make my purchase. Is the lining thick enough? Does it look bulky? Are the fingers too long? For this reason, when I stepped foot into a Cycle Gear in Sacramento while visiting family, I tried on every single pair of winter gloves I could find.

One of the features in a glove I wanted was no Velcro wrist closure, like my Alpinestars gloves. And of course for the winter I wanted a leather, waterproof, and gauntlet style glove – preferably one that didn’t look bulky.

I’ve worn the Sedici Fillipo gloves from December to today (March), and have put about 2,500 miles on them. I’ve worn these in 45 degree temperatures, on both highways and streets, as well as the 80 degree Vegas heat.

Let’s go over the specs:

Full grain semi-aniline leather throughout

  • Great for keeping out the cold, and heat, on highways.
  • My fingertips still get a little cold, but nothing that hinders my ability to control the motorcycle.


Waterproof and breathable membrane inner lining

  • I’ve been caught in the rain a few times, and they were in deed waterproof.
  • The inner lining is really soft and keeps my hands from feeling sweaty in hot temperatures.


Pull through adjustable hook/loop wrist strap

  • These are still Velcro, to my disappointment, but they don’t necessarily need to be secured to hold the gloves in place.
  • The right side is a little wonky, but they both work well and keep the gloves tight on my wrist.


Full leather palm with double layer sections

  • The double layered sections keep my palm from feeling sore or numb with the vibrations of the motorcycle, but I wish there was more padding on the palm.


Cool feel inner lining for multi-season riding

Padded and ribbed finger detail

  • These are not compatible with touch screen devices (grrr).


Suede visor-wipe side forchette

  • The suede detail is nice, especially when I have to rub my nose or eye.


Pre-curved molded knuckle panel for impact protection

  • These are very comfortable to wear because they are pre-curved and fit relaxed on the handlebar controls.
  • The knuckle panel is something that I am fond of, for protection, in a glove and I see myself continuing to choose gloves with this feature in the future.
  • In cold and long rides, my right knuckle gets a little irritated and starts to sting, to the point where I consider putting a bandaid on it. The cold and dry air along with me reaching for the clutch creates the irritation, so I think there should be a layer of cotton or suede fabric in the interior of the glove to prevent this.


Gauntlet Sleeves

  • I have trouble with the gauntlet sleeves because they are so short. Either under or over my base sweater, the sleeves tend to roll up and still let air into my jacket.


For $59.99, I’m impressed with how well they have worn and the many temperatures I was able to ride with them. I’ll definitely keep wearing these into the Spring and Summer, just to see how hot I can ride with them, because so far they have been really comfortable.

The great thing I like about Sedici is that their gloves are sold at Cycle Gear, making it easy for you to try before you buy. For sizing reference, I am a size small in these gloves and my palm measures 3.5 inches across (including the thumb) and 6.5 inches from the tip of my middle finger to the base of my wrist. I was concerned that a small would fit me too big, but on occasion I do let me nails grow out so the extra room in my fingertips hasn’t been a problem.

I also bought a new pair of Alpinestars leather gloves for the summer when I purchased these, so I’ll be doing a review on those later on in the year. I’ll be sure to update this post if any problems arise and to show any wear and tear.

Update (11/30/2017): So I’ve put on roughly another 10-15,000 miles on these gloves and I love them for winter riding! One thing I wanted to note is that I’ve ridden in VERY hot temperatures in the summer of 2017 and while I do still wear gloves, these are waaaaayyyy to insulated for the summer. With the heat and my palm sweat, the inner layer gets bunched and makes it hard to put on the gloves. But again, this was over 100F degree heat I’m riding in. For Spring, Fall, and Winter riding, these are my go-to’s! And they haven’t come apart either. I’ll update again as I continue into the Winter riding here in California, but so far, these are definitely a great pick and I recommend 100%!




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