How to Clean Your Helmet | Guide

After my Vegas and Yosemite trip, it was time to clean my *Scorpion EXO-R410 helmet.


I’m using a microfiber cloth, *Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, and warm water.

I soaked the microfiber cloth in the water and a few drops of soap, and covered the helmet for a few minutes. Soaking the helmet helps release some of the dried on bugs and makes it easier to clean without scrubbing hard on the shell.


Here’s what it looks like after the soak with no scrubbing:


I noticed there were bugs jammed into the air vents, and since I don’t have an air compresser to quickly shoot them out with air, I popped the vents off.

I gave the helmet a good scrub with the cloth, and used a little bit of Windex on the face shield (technically you’re not supposed to but oh well), and it looked much better.


To quickly clean the INSIDE of your helmet: Quick Clean Makeup Off Helmet Pads

I deep clean my pads less often, so you’ll have to wait for a tutorial on that later this year, but I use warm water and the same soap to soak the pads and leave them out to dry.

Quick and easy!


FTC Disclaimer: Links prefaced with a (*) are Amazon Affiliate links.

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