Salinas and Monterey | Ride With Me

I decided to hit the coast on Saturday and head down towards Monterey. This trip was fueled by my search for John Cerney’s “giant figures” – 18 feet art installations in the Salinas agricultural farms.

I headed South from Fremont on 880, took a quit bathroom break at House of Thunder Harley Davidson in Morgan Hill, and decided to take Highway 152 West instead of 101 to the coast.

152 west

To my surprise, the road was curvy and empty for a late Saturday morning. Here’s the view from the top of the mountains overlooking Santa Cruz:


Once I reached downtown Watsonville, I headed south on Highway 1, and stopped at another art installation (not by John Cerney) at Moss Landing. While taking pictures of the sculptures, an older gentleman on his Harley came over to me and handed me a flyer for an upcoming ride with his group in Prunedale. He was very nice and thought it was awesome that I was out on the rode exploring.


I headed towards Salinas, and once on Highway 68 found my first John Cerney mural – the self portrait of Van Gogh painted on the side of an Ace Hardware store:


“The Farm”, where John’s “giant figures” are located was about 5 minutes away:


While on this road, I visited Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Even though it was closed to the public, you can still ride around a few of the areas that are not fenced off and I saw a private club racing on the track.

mazda raceway

After killing some time at Laguna Seca, I rode through Monterey’s cannery row and followed the coast for a while.


Here I met a husband and wife who immediately saw me and wanted to take a picture of me on the bike to send to their 16 year old daughter. Apparently she is interested in riding but is short, so they wanted to show her that someone who is 5’2″ can still “fit” on a Harley Davidson. I ended up riding a few miles south to grab a sandwich and came back to the same area, where I met another woman interested in my bike. This time, she already had a sportster but was curious as to how comfortable my handlebars were. I let her sit on the bike and we talked for a bit about the bars and the seat.

After about an hour on the beach, it started to get cold so I headed over to my AirBnB in Seaside and called it a night.

I met up with my boyfriend in Capitola the next morning, rode around Santa Cruz, and eventually headed back up north through Highway 17.

We caught the tail end of a storm while on the highway, so I was soaked and frozen by the time we got home.

Overall an enjoyable, but still cold, ~250 mile weekend.



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