Quick Clean Makeup Off Helmet Pads

I try to deep clean my cheek pads at least once a year, by soaking them in a baby shampoo or Dr. Bronner’s soap bath, but for quick cleaning and disinfecting the cheek pads from makeup and dirt, I use alcohol.

This might not be the safest method for longevity/wear in your pads, but for those of us who wear makeup underneath our helmets, it’s a quick fix to get rid of anything that could cause acne.

This is what my pads look like after a few months of riding. You should ideally clean them at least once a month, but I’m lazy so I do it every other month or whenever I breakout on my cheek/chin area.



Here’s a before and after on one cheek pad:


I was too lazy to remove all of the padding, so I cleaned along the inside where I saw more makeup (generally around the forehead area).


All done!


I’m disgusting, I know:


I’ve been doing this for a few years and the alcohol hasn’t affected the material of my pads in either helmets. To compare, whenever I deep clean my pads in a soap bath, I tend to notice they fit a little looser around my head. So this works for me to quickly get rid of make up residue.



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