Plasti Dip Gas Cap and Headlight Ring | Modifications

In an attempt to get rid of any chrome on my motorcycle, I decided to *plasti-dip a few easy things that would otherwise cost me over $200 to replace in a matte black finish (I’m waiting on Blockhead’s review of his flushed mount pop up gas cap before I consider purchasing it).

First things first, remove the gas cap and covered the hole with a rag. Remove the seal and cover the bottom with tape. My BF plasti-dipped his Honda emblem on his CB1000r, so I didn’t even have to buy the paint myself (score!). Otherwise, you could find plasti dip in cool colors online or in limited colors at your local hardware store. I cleaned the cap with a microfiber cloth and painted over newspaper to avoid a mess.



Remember to work in layers and don’t forget to spray around the sides of the cap. I waited ~15-30 minutes in between coats.

After the 2nd coat dried
3rd coat
last coat

Here’s what it looked like after 5 coats:


For the headlight, I removed the ring and unplugged the light so it wouldn’t be dangling. The ring is a little tricky to do since it is round, so you’re going to want to spray one side and once it’s dry, flip it over and do the other side. Avoid spraying too much at a time or you’ll see drip marks once the paint dries.


And here’s the final look:


Had I been more patient, it probably would’ve resulted in a smoother finish, and I struggled installing the light and ring back on so it was knicked a little bit, but it looks great to me. When I replace the headlight with an LED light, I might do it over again.


I have the urge to black out more things, but since I covered my forks in matte vinyl wrap, there really isn’t much left that’s chrome.



FTC Disclaimer: Links prefaced with a (*) are Amazon Affiliate links.


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  1. Looks dope! Thanks for the tip

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