Tesla Road, Livermore | Ride With Me

Saturday morning, partly cloudy skies with no rain, and I wanted to ride. It was forecasted to rain in the North near Point Reyes and I just rode down to Big Sur last weekend, so I headed east.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 7.40.26 PM.png

I took my normal route into Livermore, through Niles Canyon Road, and kept to the backroads through the mountains and into Tracy. This is where I discovered a road I have never ridden before, Tesla Road.


At first it was a few miles of a straight two lane road through the vineyards, but then the elevation quickly gained and dropped and I was riding through the mountains surrounded by green hills, horses, and cows.


A few turns were in the 25mph range and tight, so I’m definitely going to hit this road again.



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