Blacking Out the Upper Forks | Modifications

Inspired by u/onemoreshawn on r/sportster on Reddit, I started to consider blacking out my upper forks. You can buy fork covers for $100-200, but u/onemoreshawn recommended using matte black vinyl wrap instead for only $20.

I bought a 60″ by 1ft roll of *matte black vinyl wrap from Amazon. You can get rolls like this at your local hardware shop, or anywhere that sells car accessories. In reality, you only need a 1x1ft square of vinyl wrap for both forks. If you can’t find any black vinyl wrap, you can also do this with para-cord or even plastidip.

I used a body tape measure to get a 7″ height and about 5.75″ circumference of the forks.

dsc00497No soap or water is needed for the adhesive. Just peel and go. I cut the backing down the middle and started to adhere the wrap from the middle. Make sure the seams are on the back of the forks where they won’t be seen.

those are my pajamas lol


First one done!


Second one done!


Quick, easy, and cheap way to change the look of your front end!


FTC Disclaimer: Links prefaced with a (*) are Amazon Affiliate links.


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