Taco Tuesday’s | Sancho’s Taqueria

Michelle (@harlygirl_1200) runs the Bay Area Moto Girls page on Instagram and decided to start hosting “Taco Tuesday’s” at restaurants throughout the Bay Area. Yesterday, we met up for the inaugural event at Sancho’s Taqueria in Palo Alto!


Initially, another woman was supposed to meet up with us, but bailed at the last minute. This seems to be a common issue among the girls I ride and organize events with. The Litas Bay Area are a huge group of women, and we are scattered around all over the Bay, but for some reason we can’t find the time or places to meet up. Not to mention every woman has her own work schedule/personal life to deal with, so it might not be that easy to just get on your bike and go. In addition, riding during traffic hours is a pain in the ass.

I’m a culprit too! I get out of work at 6pm every day, so I like to stick to the Peninsula area if I do ride during the week. I would love to hang out with some of the girls in the East Bay, but I would be travelling with traffic over the bridge, and by the time I arrive it will be hella late. And it’s so cold right now not many women are even riding!

So yes, it is really difficult trying to schedule these meet-ups, especially on Tuesday’s, but I think if I at least make it a priority and post every week, more women will show up. Even if I’m riding alone, I’m going to make Taco Tuesday’s happen!

Ooops almost forgot the review: Sancho’s is known for their fish tacos, although they have a variety of items. Parking is available on the front along the street or in a back parking lot (where we took the picture).





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