Where do you Park?

Sometimes we don’t get the luxury of designated motorcycle parking spaces or sections. So, what do you do?

Regular Parking Space

  • Don’t park too far into the space! Park towards the end of the parking space so that you are visible to any oncoming car who may think it’s empty.
  • Park near or underneath a street light if you’re parking at night, as well as close to an entrance where there is a security camera.Processed with VSCO with f1 preset
  • Each bike doesn’t need it’s own spot -you can fit multiple motorcycles into a single parking spot. Motorcycles need to stick together, so the more the safer (at least we hope) and more visible.

Non-Official/Questionable Parking Spaces

Do you ever notice that large space blocked out under a street light that’s big enough for your bike to fit, but not big enough for a car? Be cautious when parking in these areas, as they’re not technically parking spaces, but they get the job done.

If you do find a spot like this, make sure you are not impeding on anyone’s lane, make sure you will not be blocked in/out by other cars, and be careful not to block a red or fire lane.


I frequent this mall often on my motorcycle, and have noticed that the parking garage does not offer parking spots for motorcycles. There is one section close to the entrance of the garage structure that is a designated bicycle parking zone that I risk parking in. I make sure to leave enough room for an actual bicycle to park.

Parking in a designated bicycle parking area at Hillsdale Mall

In this parking lot, there is enough room for me to squeeze into without blocking the car next to me. This space is not a numbered parking spot where you have to pay to park per hour during certain times. We were only here for about an hour, so I was looking out of the window from the restaurant multiple times, but luckily we didn’t get a ticket.

No matter how tempting, do NOT park in the dashed lined area next to handicap spots. Disabled people who park in this space need the dashed area to exit/enter their vehicles.



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