Big Sur, CA | Ride with Me

We finally got a break from the rain in the Bay Area, so I took advantage of the 60 degree weather and rode down to Big Sur!


I had a late start to the morning, and we rode up to Alice’s around 11am. The rain did a lot of damage to Woodside Road, so there’s construction that stops traffic on a few one-lane only sections. By the time brunch was over, my BF headed back home while I headed down the mountain and to the coast. I figured I’d ride as far south as I could by 2pm and turn back.

I took Highway 1 down to Santa Cruz, where I gassed up, and continued past Monterey, Carmel, and into Big Sur. I took a break at a Vista point near 2:30pm, and realized that I had ~2 hours before the sun would start to set and it would get significantly colder.



She’s getting pretty dirty!


While I was taking a break here, I saw a girl riding North bound on Highway 1 on her Ducati and didn’t think much of it. By the time I turned around and gassed up again in Carmel, I saw the same girl gassing up too! We awkwardly said “hi” to each other and I followed her as best as I could but she took off pretty quickly.

I took 101 towards Gilroy/San Jose, and needed to use the bathroom at the 152 exit. By the time I got back on 101, the same girl was right behind me! She waved, and I let her pass me. We lane split together on a congested area and continued to share a lane for a good 30 miles. I took the 85N exit while she continued on 101.

I managed to get home by 4:30pm just as it was starting to get dark and cold. In total, I rode 220 miles yesterday!






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  1. The dirtier the bike the better. I rode for my first time in California back in August. You have some perfect riding out there!!!

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