GoGoGear Kevlar Leggings | Review

Coming in at $149 and available in sizes 2 – 24, GoGoGear LA’s Kevlar leggings merges fashion and protection.


  • Fabric Outer Layer: 100% Abrasion Resistant Polyester Cotton Fabric with 5% Spandex
  • Fabric Inner Layer: 100% Made Of DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibers, 275gsm Weight, 95% Kevlar with 5% Spandex
  • Fabric Inside Protector Pockets: Polyester Cotton Jersey
  • CE-Approved Removable, Adjustable Knee Protector Pads (Level 1)
  • Inside Pockets for Hip Protectors (protectors not included)
  • Two Outside Front Pockets
  • Ribbed Decorative Detail on Knees
  • Machine Washable


The sizing of the pants are a bit tricky, so please take a look at the sizing chart before placing your order. I was told these pants run small, so I measured myself and contacted Desiree for extra help. For reference, I am 5’2″. I measure 29 inches at my waist, 32 around my belly button, 35 at my hips, 38 at my lower hips, and the circumference of my thigh is 22 inches. I wear a size 28 or 29 in Forever 21 jeans/pants and am a size 29 in 7 For All Man Kind jeans. Desiree helped me decide my size and I chose a size 10. They fit snug and comfortable, but a size 12 would have also fit (albeit a little more loose and probably saggy on my butt). If you are extra curvy, have wider hips or a larger butt, it is suggested that you go up a size. These pants have little stretch in them (5% spandex) so try to be as careful as possible when choosing a size.

Similar Styles

I’ve seen other leggings or jeans that are tailored for women that merge fashion and protection. Ugly Bros USA makes a variety of different styles of jeans that have a similar slim fit . My two concerns with these are 1) they are expensive (at around $300+ per jeans) and 2) they are only available in 5 sizes that are for the slim figured. Curvy women beware, as I’ve only seen these jeans in pictures worn by women who are slim/skinny with no curves (sorry Leticia!). According to the ever so famous Gear Chic, these jeans are also Korean, so they will run small.

ATWYLD also makes jeans that are reinforced with Kevlar on impact zones and even offer leather protection. But again, these come in ~8-10 different sizes and are above the $300 price point.

There are other jeans available out there, that range from a skinny fit to a loose fit, at all price ranges from many different brands. What I was looking for in particular was a skinny fit that didn’t feel and look bulky on my already small frame and didn’t break the bank.

Wear and Tear

I’ve ridden with these pants in warm and cold weather. In warm temperatures, the Kevlar keeps the sun and heat out, while in colder temperatures keeps the cold out. If I was riding in temperatures under 30 degrees F, I’d probably wear a base layer underneath.

The fit of the leggings has not changed since I purchased them. They still feel tight, and are still a bitch to put on. When walking, the leggings tend to fall a bit on me, but this happens with all of my other jeans. I notice when I ride, my tummy area falls over the jeans and stretches out the front section a bit, loosening up the waist band. I’d prefer a higher waist legging, but that’s due to my body type.

The knee protectors take a while to break in. At first, they feel rigid and uncomfortable, but a few squats has helped them form around my knee. They aren’t as low profile as I’d want, but I think it’s due to the leggings being so slim. One thing I did notice is that if you aren’t careful when inserting the protectors, the Velcro that secures them in place can pinch your skin.

I’ve had these for a few months and I haven’t washed them yet, but I’ll update the post when I do and if I notice any differences.

Note: Michelle (@harleygirl_1200) rode these to Babes Ride Out and has washed them multiple times, so hers do look faded. Washing them properly with dark colors in cold water and air drying them will probably keep the color staying black longer.

All in all, I’d recommend these leggings 100% to any woman. These leggings are my best investment yet!






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