My Favorite Motorcycle Videos

(featured image from The Office – Travelling Salesmen episode)

It’s raining here in the Bay Area, and I’ve been hesitant to ride this week, so I’ve been watching tons of moto-vlogs and videos on YouTube. After seeing Tyler’s post on Get Lowered on his favorite videos, I thought I’d share a few of my own.

Crazy Skilled Harley Ride

Who ever said Harley’s can’t go low? This dude on a Dyna is ripping through turn after turn, scraping his exhaust, and really getting down. If you ever find anyone who questions the agility of a rider on a Harley, show them this video!

6 Year Old Riding a Harley

Ok now this is the cutest thing ever. I used to ride on my dad’s lap in his car when entering our driveway at home, but this is what I imagine what most boys experienced as a first time rider or passenger. The dad and son are on a straight, 2 lane, empty road and both wearing helmets and gloves. While the comment section does question the rest of their gear, or lack their of, you can still get a sense that there was no malicious intent from the dad. He signals at the boy to take over, and after some reluctance, the boy takes off. Would I do that with my niece, probably not, but it is so damn cute and probably the reason why it has 1.2 million views.

Police Threaten to Ticket a Rider for Honking

This next video is not my favorite to watch, and I must admit I’ve only watched it once or twice completely, but it quickly became viral on r/motorcycles on Reddit. In this video, an unmarked car (meaning no standard police signs on the side of the car or lights on the roof) impedes traffic on a roundabout. The rider sees the driver on his phone and honks, probably thinking he’s texting while driving and distracted. The guy quickly comes out and for 20 minutes berates the dude. The cop in this video is clearly wrong and refuses to admit it.

My blood starts boiling whenever I think of this video, and it’s the video that made me realize that no matter who is right or wrong, whether a regular driver or cop, it’s not worth it to argue. It’s not worth it to honk, yell, flip someone off, knock out their mirror, anything. The stigma of riding and being judged as a reckless wheelie popping hoodlum on a bike is so ingrained into everyone’s head, that a safe rider will never win against a car or even a cop!

Sportster Mods Series on Revzilla’s Youtube Channel

These videos are more interesting for me because I have an Iron 883, but it gives you the basic idea of what you can easily modify on your sportster to make it your own. You get instructional videos from Lemmy on how to change the exhaust, air filter, seat, and shocks with before and after images and sound clips. This series is great if you want to know what mods are out there for your bike or want to hear the difference between a few different pipes. This series is definitely a must see if you’re interested in modifying your sportster.

Virginia’s Harley

I remember watching this video when I was thinking about upgrading from my Honda Rebel 250. I was nervous about getting a bigger bike and not knowing how to work on it or even handle it. Here, Virginia (@virninja on IG) shows us how she made her Harley her own, by welding most of the parts herself! Videos like these are why I decided to start this blog and capture as much as I can in pictures and video. Seeing another woman work on her bike gave ME the confidence to go out and ride and get a bigger bike. It’s nice to see strong female voices out there who are doing what they love.

What are your favorite motorcycle videos?



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