Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar

Ok, I know this isn’t motorcycle related, but I had to share my review of the Master of Malt Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar!

I first heard about whisky, or alcohol, advent calendars through Sharon Farrel’s vlogmas episodes on Youtube. She bought her husband the Premium Whisky advent calendar. After watching her video, I went straight to Master of Malt’s website and bought one for my boyfriend as his Christmas gift (which ended up being a present for me too!).

There are different calendars to choose from, from Premium to Scotch or even Canadian and American whisky’s. These advent calendars contain 24 3ml samples of whisky and you are “supposed” to try one every day leading up to Christmas. There are also smaller gift sets available that range from samples of gin to tequila to bourbon.

I’m not a big whisky fan, but any time I am at a bar or brewery, I always get a sampler. I love to try a variety of different beers, so I knew this gift would be a present for me as well because I could sip a variety of different whisky’s.

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We got the Scotch Whisky calendar and began to drink a few weeks into December. Every day, and sometimes twice a day, my boyfriend would try out a different type of whisky. To my disappointment, he didn’t notice too many differences among the whisky’s, but then again we are new to this whole tasting thing.

Either way, it was definitely a fun way to taste whisky. He ended up loving the Port Askaig’s 100 Proof whisky the best, and I found the lighter colored whisky’s the most bearable.

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Overall, I think it is worth the shipping from the UK to get your friend or family member one of these calendars. You can do a calendar for their birthday month, or a smaller tasting set as a gift. My parents love tequila, as do I, so I’m even considering getting a few of those for next Christmas.

The advent calendar came out to ~$200, so you could create your own budget-friendly version by shopping for small bottles at your local BevMo!




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