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Hi! My name is Kim – you may have run across my blog by or seen me on Instagram where I go by “drvnkymonk.” I’ll be contributing to the Get Lowered blog, but before I do, I thought I’d share a backstory of how I got into riding, what I ride, and where I ride.

My intro to motorcycles started not too long ago and among the most common ways women get on the saddle. I don’t want this post to turn into a romance novel, so I’ll spare you the details and just say I started out as a passenger on a big blue Harley (a 2007 Road Glide). I looked for every excuse to get on the back of that bike and ride, even if it was just down the street to the grocery store.

To my disappointment, that Harley was traded in for a street bike, and although my seat got smaller, I gained a better view of the dash and controls. I started asking questions and was genuinely curious as to how you ride a motorcycle. Why does the engine make that sound? What do you do if you want to slow down? How do you shift?

The more questions I asked, the more I wanted to learn how to ride. So I decided to learn how to drive stick and took a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. Learning how to ride was thrilling yet terrifying, and I hate to admit that I struggled. I wasn’t a confident rider after passing the course and getting my license, so I opted to go with a 250cc starter bike, my Honda Rebel.

I drove the $%! out of that bike and rode it everywhere in the Bay Area. I’ve always loved to travel, so riding a motorcycle became my catalyst. I went on weekend trips to explore Sacramento, Monterey, Sonoma, and after a year I rode from San Francisco to my hometown in Los Angeles.

That trip back up to the Bay proved that I needed a bigger and faster bike. I must have sat on over a dozen different motorcycles, but none fit me better than the Harley Davidson Iron 883. There’s a reason why so many women ride Sportsters- they’re small, easy to modify, and powerful.

Harley Iron 883 Sportster
After giving plenty of bikes a chance, I chose the best fit for me – a Harley Iron 883 Sportster

And just how I started, I still look for any excuse to ride. I commute a few times a week to work but the majority of my riding falls on weekends, where I tend to ride up and down the coast. Luckily I can ride in all 4 seasons here in California, with tons of different sceneries and back roads to explore.

One of my favorite things about riding a motorcycle is the women I’ve met and ride with. Out on the road, you don’t see too many female riders unless they’re in head-to-toe pink gear. I always have my eye out for women on motorcycles, and whenever I do spot one, it’s like spotting a unicorn. I took to Social Media to get inspiration and see other women on bikes, and through Instagram I was able to find women near me who I could ride with. And let me tell you, there is no better and more empowering feeling than riding in a pack full of women.

I also love the freedom that riding gives me. In a society where everything feels like it’s out of your control and automated to make life easier for you, riding gives you that power back. You control the bike, you feel every bump on the road, and you smell every smell out there (good or bad). It makes you feel alive.

So anyway, that’s my story of how I got into motorcycles. If you’re interested in my point of view on specific topics in the motorcycle community, like gear reviews or Sportster modifications, let me know in the comments!




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