San Francisco to Los Angeles| Ride With Me

Today I am going to recap my trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles in May 2016. This was my last endeavor on my 2009 Honda Rebel, as well as my boyfriends 2012 Honda CB1000R, before we purchased our Harley’s.

The route down: 101S to 152W to 5S

Total miles: 380

Check out the video I made of the trip there!

We left late Friday afternoon, through gridlock traffic in San Jose, and attempted to stop every 70 miles or so. Luckily for us, Highway 5 has plenty of gas stations spaced out roughly 50-60 miles apart, perfect for my small tank.

We took a well deserved break half way through the trip at the infamous Harris Ranch Inn, and fueled up on steak. Harris is like a desert oasis for those travelling on 5, and I have since stayed at their inn. It’s not too bad for the price, which excludes sales tax! If you’re interested in riding here, the Lady Bikers of California host an annual ride to Harris Ranch and the next one is approaching on February 5th, 2017!

I switched my visor and we rode into the sunset towards Los Angeles. We arrived to my parent’s home at around 12:30am. And no, my mom was not happy. We didn’t do too much riding on Saturday and spent time with my family instead.


The plan was to take the trip up slowly and break it down into two days, from LA to San Simeon on Sunday, and San Simeon to SF on Monday.

We rode on PCH in Santa Monica and made it up to Neptune’s Net in Malibu for brunch. I was incredibly envious of everyone’s Harley’s and we even spotted a few street bikes across the road. This place is a huge tourist destination as it was featured in Fast and the Furious and almost always packed with bikers.


The rest of the ride up through the coast was beautiful, and not too hot either.  It started to get increasingly hot the further we rode into Central California, and we eventually made it up to San Simeon.


The next day, however, did not turn out too well. As soon as we gassed up the bikes and headed up North on Highway 1, Felipe started honking at me. I looked down on my leg and saw oil spewing everywhere. I heard a few pops and sizzles and saw that the oil was landing on my exhaust. We literally rode ~5 miles before we had to stop. I turned off the bike and oil was still leaking. I called my insurance and after some frustration they were able to tow it to a mom-and-pop shop in Paso Robles. We dropped off the bike and had to continue the 3 hour trip back home 2-up on Felipe’s street bike. My ass was so sore the entire time, but there was nothing else we could do. We took the quickest route home, via Highway 101N instead of the coast.



The shop called that Tuesday and told me an oil seal popped off and needed to be replaced, but not to worry because it was a $90 fix that is common among Rebel’s.

Felipe couldn’t join me on my trip back South to pick it up the bike the following week, so I took Amtrak down to Paso Robles (2.5 hours) and a quick Uber ride to the shop. The technician advised that I take it easy on the bike and not to go at full throttle all the time. It started to sink in that I needed a faster/bigger bike and it was time to retire my baby blue.


The ride back up through the coast was spectacular though. I rode past Hearst Castle and spotted a few zebras, rode over Bixby Bridge, and enjoyed the coastal views. I was a little sad that I had to enjoy this ride on my own, but it was an amazing 3 hour ride nonetheless.


Check out the video I made of the trip back up!




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