Half Moon Bay | Ride With Me

 Sunday, December 4th, ride from Woodside, CA to Half Moon Bay.

Michelle, Martha, Vee and I rode from the commuter parking lot on Woodside to Halfmoon Bay via 280N, 92E, and 1N. We rode into Miramar Restaurant and met up with a few other ladies and gentleman for lunch. The weather was perfect, not too cold and not too cloudy.

The line up:


I finally got to meet Jen (who lives pretty far from me) and saw her awesome custom sissybar!


Aside from the Harleys in our group, I also met this woman on a Moto Guzzi! I was so jealous of the size of the tank – it can go for 200 miles!


The entire crew headed down south on Highway 1 and around to Skyline before heading up to the Dirtbag Challenge in SF. I headed North on Highway 1 on my own to attend to some business in South SF.



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