Bad and Good Service Experience

When I purchased my motorcycle from Monterey Harley Davidson, they installed my chiseled bars, which included changing the brake and clutch cables and adjusting the right and left switch pack (where the turn signals are).

The day I picked up the bike, I noticed the clutch cable was routed in front of the odometer (obstructing my view), but I didn’t really think too much of it because I wanted to get out of there and ride it home. I was meaning on going to the shop to get it fixed, but I figured I’d wait until the first service. A few days ago, I noticed there was a screw missing on the right switch pack but it still felt sturdy.


Welp, on my trip to Ocean Beach on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I was riding down Canada Road and noticed the switch pack was vibrating. I felt something fall on my right foot but couldn’t tell what it was. Then the switchpack cover comes flying off and I managed to catch it with my right hand, grab the clutch, and pull over to the side of the road.

I called the phone number on the back of my ESP card, but my account is so new they didn’t have my plan on file. I called the HOG number on the back of my HOG membership card, and they said they can cover $100 for a tow to take it to Dudley Perkins. I called Monterey HD and the Service Manager said he’d pay for DP to service it. I mentioned I wanted the clutch cable rerouted to the back of the odometer and he said he would pay to get that fixed as well.

I waited ~45 minutes for the tow truck and ate my lunch that I was supposed to eat in the city.


Because I was on the side of the road, there were multiple motorcycles that passed by and asked if I was ok. I gave them the thumbs up and they went on their way. These guys however, stopped to take a look at the bike. They said I could probably ride it home if I go slowly, but I didn’t want to risk falling since getting home required going over some steep hills.


Finally the tow truck came and my BF (who also took 45 minutes to get there despite being 5 minutes away) helped get the bike on the truck.


Once I got to Dudley Perkins HD, “Irish” helped me get all set. They rerouted the clutch cable and they fixed the switch pack. They had me sit on the bike and adjust my handlebars as well. They were extremely nice to me, considering it was a Saturday afternoon and they were probably waiting to go home.

I stopped on Sunday to drop off a few bottles of whisky for the guys who helped me. Seriously best service experience ever. 

Lesson of the day: carry duct tape/tools in case anything falls off or needs repair on the road. Also, don’t get your bike serviced at Monterey HD. They lost my trust where as Dudley Perkins gained it. I’m definitely going to take it in for service with Irish and his crew.



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