Back on the Saddle!

So I’ve had my new 2017 Iron 883 for a few weeks now. It’s been too cold to go on any long rides this Fall, so I haven’t been able to update my Ride With Me blog section. I figured I’d at least update you all on here.

I’ve been commuting on my new bike to and from work on the days where temps are over 50 degrees F, and I’m trying to brake her in as quickly as I can. There doesn’t seem to be too much rain forcasted in the early weeks of December, so hopefully I’ll have more content up soon!

As for getting back on the saddle after the minor accident, I’m doing great! Felipe and I rode together for the first time this weekend and our communication skills are improving. We still haven’t purchased our Sena Bluetooth devices, but it’s on the top of our list. He’s not riding so much because of the weather, but I’m taking all the time I can get to get comfortable on it again.



My new keychain!


Also just got a new camera so I’ll be taking more pictures for the blog! No more developing film on my old camera!



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  1. lexyleksono says:

    Hi, congratulations for your new bike, great bike.

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