Roland Sands Riot Jacket | Review

via Revzilla and Roland Sands

Behold, the beauty that is the Roland Sands “Riot” jacket. Coming in at a whopping $650 (without armor), this jacket is heaven. It’s available (if you can find it) at Revzilla and the Roland Sands store in black and oxblood in sizes Small to 2XL. The CE armor kit comes in at an additional $90.

Via Revzilla


I tried on the Riot jacket in a size small in the Los Alamitos store in SoCal and ended up walking away without purchasing it. Because it was SO expensive, I thought I would wait until I saved up more $$$. After a quick search on RevZilla and the RSD online store, I realized the size small was out of stock. So I drove right back to bite the bullet.


Specifications (from the RevZilla website):

  • Blackstone supple top grain cowhide (0.8mm-0.9mm thickness)
  • Quilted accents
  • Perforated leather interior trim
  • Shorty snap collar
  • Offset zipper and front zip pockets
  • Zip close side, cuffs and interior chest pocket
  • Aggressive riding fit with rotated, pre-curved sleeves, dropped back length and relaxed collar opening
  • Armor-ready shoulder, elbow and back protector pockets (armor sold separately)


Other Contenders:

  • REV’IT! Bellecour for $479 (+ additional $49.99 for back protector)
    • I can’t find the leather thickness anywhere, but by far it is the thickest of them all
  • Dainese Mike for $549 (+ additional $89 for back protector)
    • 1.0mm waxed cowhide leather
  • Dainese Keira for $679 (+ additional $89 for back protector)
    • 0.7 mm leather construction
  • Roland Sands Maven for $580 (+ additional $90 for elbow, shoulder, and back protector)
    • 1.1 – 1.3mm 100% top grain cowhide

It’s worth noting that Dainese has other leather jackets (Nikita and Michelle) that are also similar styles. There are also Spidi and Icon jackets that are leather as well. BodaSkins has by far the best style leather jackets, but I chose to include only what I could try on in-store.

If I was on a stricter budget, I would’ve chosen the Bellecour jacket because the leather is thicker so it feels sturdier/heavier, has armor in the shoulders and elbows included, and has the same style I like. The cons were the little ventilation, little adjustability (only in the sides with Velcro straps), and all the bells and whistles with the zippers and flaps were too much for me to deal with.


I purchased a size small because of my small frame, but after adding the armor, I think I should’ve gone with the size medium. oh well. The side adjustments provide extra room for my hips and helps when I am sitting down on the bike. I zip the sides back up when I am walking around so that it fits tight to my body again.


Even though it does fit a bit tight, I can still wear multiple layers underneath to keep me warm. It doesn’t feel too bulky or restricting when I wear a thick wool sweater underneath either.

I also have tiny hands/wrists/arms, so the zip close cuffs perfectly keep out the wind, which most other jackets do not.


Both the Riot and Maven feel the same, silky smooth on the inside and premium leather on the outside, but the quilting got my attention. The asymmetrical zipper also added to the style without getting rid of the simplicity that I like so much about it.



The gold interior is also very visually appealing, but I never store anything in the pockets (I’ve got my backpack for that).

Wear and Tear

The coldest I’ve worn this jacket out, with multiple layers underneath, is 40 degrees F or higher. Even on highway speeds in cold temps, my core does not get cold. If you live in a colder city, or plan to commute in colder temperatures, definitely pay attention to the thickness of the leather. The thickness of the Riot (0.8-0.9mm) is perfect for a Californian about to enter the Winter months (where it barely gets down to 40-45 degrees F), but might not do well in New York or Minnesota.


The top most button feels like its choking me when I button it up, so I opt to leave it undone. I think this might have to do with my breast size. If I wear a sports bra underneath, I don’t notice the restriction around my neck so much.

So whenever I do leave the top button undone, it gets in the way of my helmet’s d-clip. It’s a little annoying, but I just have to put on my gear in a certain order to avoid getting frustrated with the button flap.

If you want to see the fitment of this jacket on a different body type, my Bay Area girl friend Chloe has it in black and the notable Leticia Cline also rocks it (and has many more miles on it too).

1800 mile Update!

Check out the update I wrote for the Get Lowered Blog! I figured out a comfortable way to wear it, rode in the rain, and in heavy wind. She’s still holding up great.



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