What’s in my Moto-Makeup Bag? | Guide

There are two types of women that ride motorcycles: ones that wear makeup under their helmet, and ones that don’t. Sometimes I only put on sunscreen and apply my makeup when I get to work, and other times I’m rocking a full blown smoky eye under my helmet. Whether you wear a lot of makeup or not when you ride, please wear sunscreen!

In my makeup collection, I have a few customizable z-palettes, a large Morphe 35O palette, tons of lipliners, lipsticks, face products, foundations, mascaras, and eyeliners. My usual go-to makeup is foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter, brows, and mascara. My “weekend makeup” involves more eyeshadow play that doesn’t necessarily last well on a motorcycle. For weekend trips, I tend to stick to a minimal and “glowy” make up look, but you do you boo.

I manage to stuff my make up in a small cosmetic bag:


Some of my essentials (other than a toothbrush/paste) are the CeraVe moisturizer that has an SPF of 30, deodorant (I usually have a mini size that I save just for travelling), and a mini size face wash. I love the Purity Facial Cleanser because it gets rid of all the dirt and make up without scrubbing my face too hard. I first tried the mini size and later moved up to the big tub of Purity, but kept the mini for travelling (note: it’s more cost effective to buy the larger size). Make up wipes can also do the trick and save space!



I learned very quickly that riding with glasses (especially my specific frames) is very uncomfortable. I’m always having to lift my visor to adjust them because they slide down or get pushed up against my eyelashes. This brand of eye drops is also great for those who have dry eyes from riding!

On to the Makeup:


No matter what you wear, always try to pack a foundation that is in a squeeze-tube or in plastic packaging. You don’t want to take a glass bottle that can break with the rattling of your saddle bag. Worst case-scenario, pour some of your foundation into a sample tub/container that you can get at Nordstrom. The caps sometimes leak, but I would just put it in a separate Ziploc baggie just in case. You can also notice that I take products that I’m just about ready to finish so I can toss them at the end of my trip.


I’m not a huge fan of taking palettes with you in your travel bag, but the UD Naked Flushed is perfect for travelling! If you don’t like the colors/formula of this one, try to look for  a small palette with a trio of bronzer, highlight, and blush. OR you can get a mini/small Z palette from Sephora and throw in your own pans of bronzer, blush, and highlight. The bronzer shade can be used as your transition color on your lid, and the highlight can be used as eyeshadow! Thumbs up for multi use products!


Brows are optional, so I stick with products that I don’t need a brush for. Usually I’ll fill in my brows from a few eyeshadow shades that are in my large Z palette, but for travelling I stick to the brow wiz (with a spooly on one end!) and brow gel.


Samples are my best friend! I have a few mini mascaras that I rotate when I travel, and so far I like the wand from the Diorshow mascara. It’s similar to the Make Up Forever mascara that you received as your birthday gift from Sephora a few years ago as well as Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash – giving you a volumizing look.

For lipsticks, I stick with something sheer and moisturizing. The Make Up Forever sample was also part of your birthday gift from Sephora. It’s a “my lips but better” color with a sheen, so it makes you look healthy and glowy. The NARS Rikugien satin lip pencil is also great for a glowy/healthy look.


I narrowed it down to 2 brushes on this trip, and try to keep my eyeshadow brushes to 1 or 2 if I take any eyeshadows. The Real Techniques brushes are my favorite and are so affordable! Forget taking a Beauty Blender too, as it can get torn and dirty if you throw it in your make up bag.



Chapstick is essential, as well as a mini bottle of hand sanitizer. If I know I’ll be going out for dinner on my trip, I’ll take a sample fragrance as well (I usually forget to wear it anyway, but its nice to have handy). You can’t forget extra hair ties and bobby pins!

Other products not mentioned here that are ALWAYS in my backpack: hair brush and tampons!

Whether you want to wear make up or not, always protect your skin and take some sort of moisturizer with SPF or sunscreen. Remember to pack light and look cute!



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