Insurance? Total Loss? My Experience After the Accident

More on why my bike is a mess HERE.

Immediately after the accident, both Felipe and I got in contact with our insurance companies, Progressive and SafeCo, and filed a claim. Progressive wasn’t helpful with getting a tow for his bike but SafeCo was quick to connect me with a company that would be out in an hour to pick up MY bike.

Side note: I had an issue with Progressive Roadside Assistance prior to this accident on a previous bike, and the first person I talked to said I could get a 15 mile tow, while the second person I talked to said I could get a tow to the nearest motorcycle shop (not necessarily dealership). Hence why I decided to switch Insurance companies.

They refused to give Felipe a tow so he used his HOG membership to get a tow to the closest HD dealership through them (total cost $175).

The following day, my insurance called me to let me know I was not at fault so his insurance would take care of everything from then on out, including my deductible.

His insurance called me that afternoon to let me know both of our bikes were being stored at Lane Splitter HD in San Jose and would be moved to OSC Collisions in San Jose for repair. They also mentioned the adjustor would reach out to me on September 2nd to go over the damages.

Welp. The total damages for my bike were $7700, keep in mind MSRP for the bike is $8900. Pair that information with my ~1500 miles and accessories, and the bike has been confirmed to be a total loss. Since this was my first loan, I took to reddit’s /r/motorcycles to see if they had any advice on what to expect. I was under the impression I would be offered a little over 6 grand, but to my surprise, my bike was worth more than I thought!

His insurance will pay $9537.67 for the cost of the bike, and considering my loan financed by HD was $11495.60 after two payments, I have $1957.93 left to pay off. Do yourselves a favor kids and don’t skimp on GAP Insurance! Edit: My accident happened on August 21st, 2016 and on October 12, 2016 the check from the insurance company was added to my Harley Davidson loan account. It now shows a sub ~1900 balance!

Update on the boyfriends bike with the front end damage – it was ready to be picked up on September 29th (a little over a month after the accident). He only had to pay a $500 deductible, but we have yet to see his insurance rate go up. Will update if/when it does.





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