How to Ride with Long Hair | Guide

The Good:

Nicole Kidman (via

Braided Ponytail:


This haistyle works best if the braid is really tight. The more layers are in your hair, the more hair will come out of the braid when you’re riding. Also, the thinner your hair is, the more tangled these flyaway hairs will be when you decide to undo your braid. You will be left with a messy/wavy hairdo when you take off your helmet. I tend to ride with a side braided ponytail but this does cause the opposite side of the ponytail to be more loose. Tip: tie your hair in a ponytail first AND THEN braid the ponytail.

Marzia Bisognin (via


2 Braided Pigtails:

Your best option if you have really long hair. Two braids, instead of one, ensure that the braid will remain tight and in control. The only downside to this is that depending on how long you ride for, or how long you keep these braids on, the curlier your hair will be when you let them loose.






This is your best option if you have styled your hair (straightened/curled) or you don’t want to have curly hair from a braid. You can find these on Esty, Ebay, or Amazon in a variety of fabrics with a variety of designs. Some have a shoelace design (pictured here) that might still be affected by the wind, especially if you have layers in your hair, and some are completely covering the ponytail.



Banded Ponytail:

banded ponytail

Same premise holds true for the banded ponytail. You want to reduce the amount of fly away hairs by adding multiple bands to the ponytail. The farther apart the bands are, the looser the ponytail will be, which will cause more fly aways with the wind. This style will leave waves in your hair once removed.

The Bad:

French/Dutch Braids:

Any type of braid that starts on the crown of your head is going to be covered by your helmet. Since your helmet fits snug to the shape of your head, the braid creates pressure on your head and can cause a serious migraine. If your helmet happens to be loose, it might not be so noticable. I learned my lesson the hard way when I did two french braids on myself. I had to pull over after a few miles because the pressure was so intense.

Low Bun:

I’m guilty of wearing this style on my lazy days or short trips around town. The bun starts off fine, but the longer you ride, the more the wind destroys it. It may look cute when you take off your helmet, but good luck untangling that mess. My advice would be to keep that bun tight and if it happens to loosen up and turn into a birds nest, own it! Save yourself the time and pain trying to detangle it until you get home and use a gallon of conditioner. Use multiple hair ties to secure your bun because the last thing you want is your hair coming completely loose, like the examples I’m about to describe below.

The Ugly:

Samantha Ravndahl (ssssamanthaa)


Loose Ponytail:

Once the wind starts tossing your ponytail around, it’s game over. Your hair will be so tangled, you won’t be able to run your fingers through it and you won’t be able to fix it by braiding it either. Your best option if you’re ever in this situation is to put it into a bun and prevent more damage from being done.




Hair down:



RIP. Never would I recommend riding without even a ponytail, let alone with all your hair down. Not only will this be a mess to control once you reach your destination, it will cause damage to the hair follicles while riding and afterwords as well when you try to detangle it. The wind will twist and turn the hair into unimaginable knots and will leave you in misery. No matter how cute those girls on Instagram look riding with their hair down, you will immediately regret this decision. For the love of hair, just don’t do it.


Pro Tip: Tuck any type of hairstyle you choose under your shirt or jacket. This will prevent wind from thrashing it around.

Hope this helps!



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