Point Reyes, CA | Ride With Me

Organized by Jeanne of the Litas Bay Area, a few of us rode out to Point Reyes National Sea Shore on Saturday, July 23rd.

I rode to the Golden Gate bridge to meet up with Jeanne and Sarah, and took 280N just to make sure I got there on time. route 1

Tip (Yellow): If you have more time, take 84W and stop at Alice’s Restaurant for breakfast. Then take Skyline Blvd to 92W and get on Highway 1 when you are in Half Moon Bay to get you to the Golden Gate Bridge.

We met up on the Marin side at about 11am. Traffic wasn’t too bad and there weren’t many tourists when I arrived, but by the time we left at around 11:30am, it was starting to get really crowded.

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Tip: The earlier you get here, the less tourists and more parking there is! The clouds might be covering the bridge so you won’t get a perfect picture, but its worth avoiding the large crowds, especially on the weekends.

From the bridge, we rode to Novato to meet up with Debra and Bryn. Debra led the rest of the way, as she has the most miles under her belt and is an expert at group riding.

route 2Tip (Yellow): If you aren’t meeting up with anyone, take Highway 1 from the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoy the twisty road up to the beach!

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We met up with Debra’s friends: Wendy and her partner, Gaby and her husband John, and from there we rode in a group of 10 to Whale of a Deli in Point Reyes. We unintentionally met up with another female rider, who saw us from afar and noticed we were all women (except for John). We told her about our plans for the day and she quickly ordered a sandwhich and became part of our group. Malika had plans to ride her Honda through California, Washington, and Oregon and into British Columbia, but due to certain events in her life, her goal was never put to fruition. I think meeting our group definitely inspired her to continue to work towards that goal.


We ate lunch at Hearts Desire Beach and enjoyed the afternoon and eachothers company.


Malika left first, followed by Sarah, Jeanne and I as we had a long treck back down to the city. We took Highway 1 through Stinson beach and over Mount Tam. There was a bit of traffic on some stretches, but nonetheless a beautiful ride. Sarah ended up hitting her reserve so we pulled over to a small gas station and refueled. As we were refueling, a Swedish family using the opposite gas pump was having trouble with their European credit card, and since the gas station did not accept cash, I used my credit card on their pump for the exchange of cash. The father ended up being a Harley rider as well and gave me this custom Harley Davidson book as a thank you for helping him!


On our way back into the city, Jeanne photographed me at the phoenix mural in a fire station near the coast. Jeanne and I rode along the coast until we merged onto Skyline Blvd., where she and I split. From there it was a 15 minute ride back home. I was exhausted, and sunburnt, from that trip, but I was ecstatic that I finally rode over 500 miles on my new Iron!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset



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