HD Chizeled Bars for Iron 883 | Review

Before we talk about the HD chizeled bars, lets take a look at the stock bars:
These are straight from the Harley Davidson website. Ergonomically, anyone who is short-average height, is going to be leaning into the bike to reach the handlebars. It doesn’t feel as aggressive as riding a Forty-eight or Roadster, but the shorter you get the more noticable the lean is. Check out Cycle-ergo.com to see more specifically how you fit onto any bike with your specific measurements (example below).
Cycle Ergo Pic

I wanted something more upright and pulled back so I can cruise comfortably on my Iron. The options that HD offers are the chizeled, chizeled lo, and the mini apes. The mini apes come stock on the 883 and 1200 Superlow by the way.

Iron 883 HD bars with Prices
Similar to these are the Biltwell Keystone, breezer, and zed bars (for under $100 bucks).
And the pricier option would be the Roland Sands Vintage bars.
Roland Sands Vintage

You can also check out @Sporstergram on Instagram for inspiration and links to other brands that make handlebars, not mentioned here.

I knew I wanted the Chizeled bars so I included the parts and installation into my sales deal when I purchased the Iron. The bars were $299 and 7 hours of labor, totalling this installation an extra $1300. The dealership had the bars in stock but had to special order the brake and clutch cables, so keep that in mind if you want your bike ready ASAP.
If you’re more mechanically inclined and can install them yourself, go for it. There are a shit ton of videos on Youtube that show you how to do the installation, just make sure you have all your parts and tools necessary, especially if you have to get longer brake/clutch cables like I did, but this is dependent on the handlebars you choose.

So the rise on the HD Chizeled bars are 8.3 inches and the pullback is 4.3 inches. I’m still leaning into the bike (cons of having short arms), but the height these add make that lean less uncomfortable and significant. Instead of feeling like a hunchback with my boobs/stomach hanging over the tank to reach the handlebars, I am positioned more upright. This makes for more comfortable long distance riding (so far).
Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

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  1. ron says:

    I’m looking for the same bars here in Australia but they only got 11” down here. I hope to find a used bar same as yours so it saves me a bit of $$ for the cables. ride safe!

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