Scorpion EXO-R410 Helmet | Review

Before I tell you about this one, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and go over the features of my first helmet that I wanted to improve on when making my upgrade to the Scorpion.

My first helmet was a “passenger” helmet, the Bilt Blaze that I picked up one day walking into my local Cycle Gear for around $99 (I believe these are on sale for $60 now, ha). It’s DOT and ECE rated, has some vents for air flow, is comfortable to wear, but really stretched out in a few months. Keep in mind this is a Cycle Gear house brand, not trying to knock them down, but there is a significant difference in a Bilt vs. a Shoei or Icon helmet. I took the MSF course with this helmet, but as soon as I got my bike I knew I needed something with more protection, better peripheral visibility, and more air vents for comfortable riding.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 7.29.09 PM

For my second helmet I chose the Scorpion EXO-R410 in matte black with the Silver Mirror face shield (my signiature “style”). It is categorized as an entry level full face helmet, intermediate oval shape, and weighing at 3.68 pounds. The kicker to all this is that it is also SNELL M2010 approved, for a grand total of $140. And one of my favorite features is the emergency release system cheek pad. Safety is my main priority and I am a full believer of the “Full Face or No Face” motto.

But on that note, ventilation is just okay on this helmet. Sometimes in really hot weather I wish I was rocking the Gringo helmet with the bubble shield that SO many rad biker chicks wear or even a “skid lid”.

The visor is my favorite part of the helmet though. It takes minimal effort to close as it does most of the work for you when it locks into place. The silver mirrored face shield is great for blocking out the sun, and I have ridden it sans shield with only sunglasses but I probably won’t do that again since I had a bee smack me in the face one day. Switching between the mirrored shield and the clear shield for night riding is a bit of a pain but it’s doable in less than 5 minutes.

Now onto sizing.

I have a tiny head. My Bilt Blaze is an XS, so I compared the brands and figured the Scorpion XS would fit just as snug. Nope, it fits almost too snug. I struggle to put it on as I try to shove my head into the opening and use the straps to pull it open as much as I can. The cheek pads squeeze my face so tight I can barely smile. I can’t French braid my hair without getting a MASSIVE headache after about 10 minutes. A size Small fits me a little more loose but if this helmet does loosen up over time, it’s going to be TOO loose. It’s been about 7 months (purchased in September 2015) and this helmet is just as snug as it was out of the box.

  •  Advanced Polycarbonate Shell
  • Ellip-Tec Ratchet System
  • EverClear No Fog Faceshield
  • Kwikwick 2 Anti-microbial Fabric Liner Lever
  • Emergency Release System
  • Aero-tuned Ventilation System
  • Face Shield Vent/Lock
  • DOT approved
  • SNELL M2010 Approved
  • sizes 3xl and 4xl are DOT only.



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